What To Get My Muslim Friends For Secret Santa

What To Get My Muslim Friends For Secret Santa

It’s a common tradition among friends, family or co-workers to partake in a “secret santa” where each person has to buy a present for another, without the others knowing who they are. It’s a simple, fun thing to do for everyone. But what if your coworker is a Muslim, who doesn’t celebrate Christmas? Or what if you’re a Muslim Secret Santa getting a non-Muslim a gift? What do you get? We’ve put together some ideal gift ideas for both scenarios!

Hobby/Interest based gifts

You probably know at least a bit about the person you’re a Secret Santa for. What are their hobbies? Their likes and dislikes? Do they love cats? Have a thing for samosas? Try getting them a gift that ties in with their personal interests, whether that’s an actual cat (maybe not the best idea…), or just something that’s related to what they like (like samosa socks).

Fun Colourful Socks

Whether you’re a secret santa for a Muslim, or a non-Muslim, Halal Socks can be given either way. Muslims will appreciate your thoughtfulness in gifting them something that ties in with their faith and culture. And with our collection of socks like Shisha, Shawarmas, Samosa, or even Beard Bro socks (a gift for all men with beards!), these socks can be enjoyed by all.

Something universal

One way to go is to buy something that anyone would like and relate to. If you’re buying a gift for a Muslim colleague or friend, maybe stay clear of Christmas themed items and lean more towards a gift that’s more universal. Like a funny mug, a pretty plant, or a book you enjoyed reading. 

A Gift Card

While some may think that a gift card is something you get when you can’t think of anything else, it can actually be quite the opposite. Get a gift card to their favourite store, or restaurant. That way they have the opportunity to buy what they really want, from a place they really love. 

A Chocolate Box or Goodie Bag

You can never go wrong with food! And if you’re a Secret Santa for a Muslim friend, that’s even more true! Wrap up a fancy box of chocolates, or put together a fruit basket, and you’re good to go! Just remember that if you’re buying food for a Muslim friend, it has to be halal (no pork, alcohol or gelatin!)

Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁 🎉